18 Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul explicat, Bucureşti, , p. 19 In the Septuagint, the verb “λειτουργεῖν” is used 42 times and with the exclusive meaning. Un antimension (du grec αντι «au lieu de» et du latin mensa «table»: littéralement «au lieu , publié par l’Église orthodoxe russe, Moscou, ↑ Voir: Preotul Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul Explicat, Bucarest, , p. Lire en. Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul explicat (The Liturgy Book Explained), Editura. Institutului Biblic úi de Misiune al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române, Bucureúti, , p.

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This growing popularity is readily explained by the fact that Saint Nectarios, who suffered from and eventually died of cancer, is known particularly as the healer of this life-threatening disease. Since at that time accounts were not fully guaranteed, clients only man- aged to recover a minimal amount of money. Romania ] Bucharest Rituals are magical practices in which the personal goal one wants to achieve is all important. It was, as we have shown, a matter of reviving old practices at least in the public domain and newly emerging rituals.

In Bucharest this certainly applies to actual religious ritual lithrghierul, whether officially sanctioned by the Orthodox Church or not. That kept her in good health. Nowadays, when life is not treating them well, they have to put their hope elsewhere.


What is more, single ritual performances are rare. Donum Natalicum Schrijnen Nijmegen And why do people resort to more than one ritual for one and the same purpose?

The transition to a capitalist market economy, beginning in the early s, was a difficult one for the population, who not only had to adjust to a whole new way of life but also had to carry the cost of a bad and corrupt government. The written requests are supposed to be brought every Tuesday for nine weeks in a row. An old woman next to us kept asking passersby for sprig of blessed basil. In some respects pilgrimage follows the same underlying logic as the practices associated with written prayer.

She told us she was doing it so her grandmother, who was too weak to come, could also enjoy the sight of the relics. Click here to sign up. Priests and parishes entered into competition. Inside the church was crowded with people, making it almost impossible to advance. Mere- dith McGuire emphasizes the practical coherence of lived religion, that is, it is premised more on religious practices than beliefs: Beschouwingen over de goddelijke liturgie [Reflections on divine liturgy] Diksmuide These are acatists acatisteprayers or requests, addressed to the saint.

Furthermore, the ser- vices and support previously provided by the state had deteriorated. The revival of religion in Romania has much to do with a general sense of insecurity amongst the population.


Ritual Multiplication. On Lived Religion in Bucharest | Irina Stahl –

There are also other kinds of holy oil that can be used in the anointment ritual: Concerning the practices, their sacredness is infinite, therefore it can be mul- tiplied. The shock of dealing with these new factors was even more difficult to endure than communism when people could rely on the state for a number of things.

Ritual multiplication, in addition, can be seen as a strategy of intensification. Modern media have become part of this ritualization.


Furthermore, to deal with the crisis, the government decided to cut the salaries of its employees by 25 percent. Download povestiri din mala strana jan neruda carte pdf. Religious experience reconsidered Princeton Priests regained the status of public employees and with it the right to be partially remunerated by the state. We have also seen that in lived religion to believers and ritual performers in Bucharest quantity remains important.

Blindly trusting the state or private banking system, thought to be fail-safe, they lost their sav- ings.