Find great deals on eBay for Gamages in Catalogues and Magazines about Model Trains. Shop with confidence. Category:Gamages of Holborn. Gamages “seal” graphic [image info]. Gamages know what Meccano Boys want!” [image info]. Gamages Xmas. Jan 10, Many remember Gamages because of its unparalleled stock of toys of the day, and the Gamages catalogue which was used to publicise them.

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Category:Gamages of Holborn

The Gamages Toy Department Catalogues, again mainly associated with Christmas, were printed on glossy magazine type paper and are shown lower down. The Gamages Christmas versions of the main Departmental Store Catalogues were generally produced on paper catalogeu to newsprint [the same as newspapers are made from] and are shown first.

The image [right] is from page 14 of the Gamages Christmas catalogue. Retrieved 9 March Gamages also had a large mail-order business and issued a wide range of catalogues covering its different caalogue as well as large comprehensive catalogues.

– Gamages Christmas Catalogue

Gamages was acquired in by property investors Sterling Guarantee Trustwith the plan being to redevelop the Gamages site, include a smaller version of Gamages at the redeveloped location, and open a second branch on Oxford Street. This became Gamages’s City Depot. Also shop in Also shop in. This had a relatively short life as the whole company was taken over by Jeffrey Sterling ‘s Sterling Guarantee Trust in the early s and the Romford site was quickly sold off.


The owner assured them that a hosiery shop would do well in the area. Languages Deutsch Edit links. This is an authentic print, published a Gamages list of special departments, [image info].

A prominent advertisement for Gaages department store promoting a ‘great sale of furniture at lowest cash prices’ can be seen. Paul Davis and his wife Marietjie — Gamages Mammoth Model Railway, advert [image info].

Paul Bland for his help in the preparation of this page and for cayalogue a series of photographs. It is not a mo I would also like to extend grateful thanks to Mr.

Each Bayko Outfit provides an assortment of bricks, doors, windows, etc. The museum is a Registered Charityand depends on volunteers, ticket sales, donations and bequests.

Gamages eventually included departments for cycling and motoring, and an especially well-loved toy department. BAYKO fascinating building sets for girls and boys.

I liked the excitement and energy that filled the department. In time it was to grow large enough to take up most of the block on which it was situated. Small packets of spare parts are available too, which enable the hobby to be developed at low cost.


Gamages of Holborn, department store ()

Gamages know what Meccano Boys want! Dollhouse No6, Villa, Gamages Gamages Colours of some of the parts have been altered to produce building in more contemporary style, and the windows are now glazed. Improved Dollhouse Gamages It’s not difficult catzlogue interpret this half-hearted inclusion as being indicative of BAYKO ‘s drop in popularity.

Gamage’s went on to become the official supplier of uniforms to the Boy Scout movement and continued to expand. Gamages took over Benetfink and Co of Cheapside, London EC, another department store which had been established in The timing of this Gamages publication is interesting, given that most BAYKO production is believed to have stopped early in Dollhouse No Gamages Grateful thanks are also extended to Mr.