Cruise to Mooloolaba – Renaissance (Schionning designed Waterline ) Schionning Waterline Boats For Sale. Keith DeLong Eric Owsley. Schionning who has penned some of the most elegant boats I’ve seen – and raced against with its builder, Eric Bruneel, and going through this monster, was. If Jef Schionning was an European it would be designing catamarans for the main production shipyards but it is an Australian, away from the.

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The gallery — I just found out, there must have been an update that erased all the pictures — grrr. When my builder gets to routing these sections we will simply stop the computer cutting and reic those small area by hand afterward. I, too, have a lovely wife and a couple of youngsters.

The reason was they were struck by lightning and it completely destroyed their battery banks and their engines. The rest is just fine. Also a connecting cross bar between tillers running aft of the main sheet for steering anywhere schionninv the stern.

Do you know the Payload of this cat? I know that in the early stages, you were mentioning h. PDQ made their 36 ft catamaran this way for almost 20 years without a single safety incident. Outboard advantages are many: Posted by Paulo at 1: Twelve meters is by no means small! The is just a bit more of everything: Can you contact me in private to give me some information about the budget.

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That really hit me! They fell madly in love with each other and so it happened that Julia left her beloved London and her life there behind and moved to Germany to be with Chris. To get a better view we intend to cut out a part of the cabin top and fix it with hinges. Incredibly reliable, easy to maintain, easy erlc repair, easy to replace. The Arrow is too much for me; but the …? First I like the two main bunks in the bridgedeck. I receive plenty informations from schionning but I need to know the real budget of such a construction.


Is there something about conception that you are not happy about or that you regret? I am still going for tillers.

You would need to pull start it, but it can easily be done in an emergency. The panels are foam core and are produced by infusion process on the site.

Schionning Design launches G-Force ‘ZERO’ | Catamaran Racing, News & Design

So I asked Stephan from Balticat if he would help me an yes, he does! He is renting me some space in his shipyard and I can use his knowledge and a helping hand of his crew from time to time.

The downside — the kits were only available in Australia. Can you give us an update on the labor hours you think will needed to complete the project. But with my job, little Hugo dric baby Jamie this seemed a little to much. I intend to self-build, and the Arrow design seems like the perfect fit for my resources, abilities, and budget.

the project

I even found a building site about 15 minutes away. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It was my ship from first sight.

I would suggest instead doing two HP Yamaha outboards, placed in engine wells on the forward starboard and port parts of the cockpit. The Schionning designs moved on and became better and better.


Newer Post Older Post Home. By the time we started our project the was the only available Arrow design. Unlike diesel engines or electric engines.

We have build a farrier trimaran which was finished 7 years ago. Speed is not a reason, I believe the is fast enough. Your dinghy and your starboard and port outboard engines can be the same type of engine though the ship schionninb would be electric start with harnesses.

If Jef Schionning was an European it would be designing catamarans for the main production shipyards but it is an Australian, away from the main production centers and in the end that is maybe a good thing in what regards design. In addition there will be a light connecting rod between the tiller running erci the main sheet so that a tiller extension schonning be attached at will allowing one to steer from anywhere in the cockpit.

Lombardini would have been my choice as well but yes, we are going hybrid … see how this works. You can ruin the performance of any cat by overloading it.

I had this option on my catamaran I owned years ago and I really liked it. You can also keep one spare parts kit that services everything. And the narrower hulls make the more sensitive to overload. Have a look at this movie. Is that still your projection? The first G-Force was absolutely stunning.