Part, R Category. Description, SAW Components Resonator. Company, Epcos. Datasheet, Download R datasheet. BRU from EPCOS AG. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. The FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC R is a GS certified 2 in1, with a cm ( -inch) anti-glare display transforming into a full performance and full.

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Apply a drop of glue to the battery clip to secure it and leave it for a eocos moments to set. Picture similar to product.

How many of the original lines you do depends on if you are likely to want to undo it again but I epcls suggest omitting the front of the battery clip. Sorry, the resolution of our camera is not good enough to see this detail. Appologies for the blatant plagarism of your picture Rick.

Enjoy a complete desktop experience with a FUJITSU display, wireless mouse and keyboard or magnetic keyboard and work comfortably on spreadsheets or presentations.

A common fault epcks these keys is that one of the buttons stops working. Please advise where to go to. Positioning Card Tablet PCs.

MHz R 5x5x1,35mm – SAW resonators – Micros

The back half of the bag has a divided file compartment for your notebook. It is a dual mode Hitag2 transponder with the capabilites of being used as a crypto rfid and a code hopping transmitter. Locate Resellers Find a local reseller.


This is the type of key we are talking about, it is the type with two buttons and the safety slot in the end, not the proximity type. Be careful not to damage the components or the circuit board. Activities Corporate Responsibility Environment Technology. But I coul not find You in e-bay. The orientation of the switch is important, the wrap around lugs MUST be to the sides.

Finally run a bead of glue around the outside edges and the main internal rib, bring the parts together and clamp clothes pegs or weight it until it sets. Make a small solder bead on each pad.

R datasheet(1/4 Pages) EPCOS | SAW Components Resonator

Hi John, I can only think you must have damaged something. It does not guarantee any specific battery runtime which actually can be lower and may vary depending on product model, configuration, application and power management settings.

These are not clip-together cases, they are glued all round and on some internal ribs as well. I did leave the battery out overnight, while the glue set. As you can see, mine opened upside down, so the next step is to cut under the battery clip to separate the circuit from the case; I used a small kitchen knife to get in there.

wholesale electronic components

By opening the keycard I dammage the unlock-switch!! Infographic ‘Why 2 in 1 in Modern Business’. Its magnetic connection makes it easy to attach or detach it from the tablet so you can transform the device the way you want and need it for your individual workstyle. Its elegant design and recyclable material will impress everyone who sees it.


You are well away from any delicate components here so there is not a lot of risk. Webmaster The Parsons home page.

Now lay the switch on top and test that it works by holding the battery in, and pressing the button. How can I contact You? Must be related to the Laguna getting old now.

Cheers Henry good to know, Must add from my comment that i also put one pin head blob of epoxy resin at the centre underneath the switch before replacing it for added adhesion many thanks. Future-proof security features and epccos management capabilities keep data safe.


Country Selector Global Change. The front half of the bag has two padded compartments for your power cord and office supplies. If both buttons have failed then first try the obvious and test the battery and make sure the contacts are clean.