1, Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance Worksheet (DSSR ) — HROM ADDENDUM. 2. 3, Refer to DSSR for specific guidance on computing. This worksheet may be used to record information used to claim this allowance on the SF Employees must submit lodging receipts. They must also submit . To request settlement, complete the SF, DSSR TQSA worksheet and receipts for expenses claimed. Provide completed documents to your servicing.

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The location of the temporary quarters must be within reasonable proximity of the post. TQSA is granted for up to 90 days in 30 day increments after your arrival at the overseas duty station. A temporary quarters subsistence allowance granted immediately preceding the employee’s final departure from the post shall terminate as of the earliest of the following dates: Only actual subsistence expenses incurred, which are reasonable in amount and incident to the occupancy of temporary quarters, shall ddsr reimbursed.

When no cost temporary housing is occupied by the employee an amount not to exceed one-half of the amount established in The 90 and 30 day temporary quarters subsistence periods may be extended up to but not more than an additional 60 days in each case if it is determined by the head of agency that rssr reasons beyond the control of the employee require continued occupancy of temporary quarters.

Receipts and other documentation required by Sectionor pertinent agency regulations, should be attached to the SF prior to submission to the approval or granting official of the agency. It will take approximately four weeks for settlement of TQSA upon receipt of dsxr documentation. Transitioning Military and Veterans. Click on the Per Diem link below to find your rate and then use the following calculations to determine your maximum allowance: If the head of agency or designee determines that it is necessary for an employee to occupy temporary quarters immediately preceding final departure from the post, the grant of a temporary quarters subsistence allowance may commence as of the latest of the following dates: The amount of the temporary quarters subsistence allowance which may be reimbursed shall be the lesser of either the actual amount of allowable expenses incurred by the employee and family members for each time period or the amount computed as follows reference: Overpayments of TQSA are immediately collected as a lump dssr from your current earnings.

The temporary quarters subsistence allowance grant to an employee upon first arrival at a new post, including an employee or family member occupying temporary quarters at no expense, e. The grant of the temporary quarters subsistence allowance may be paid in a lump-sum amount. Payment of advance is by direct deposit.


When the head of agency determines, on a case by case basis, that an extension of time is necessary due to compelling reasons dxsr the control of the employee, up to an additional sixty days may be authorized, computed at the same rates established for the third thirty day period. The temporary quarters subsistence allowance may continue on behalf of any individual employee or family member during any period of official travel which authorizes per diem on behalf of that individual.

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Excel Versions of Per Diem. Footnotes to Section When no cost temporary quarters are occupied by the employee an amount not to exceed one-half of the amount established in Payment for the temporary quarters maintained at the post of assignment shall be computed using only the lodging portion of the applicable per diem rate and the formulas found in Sections Alternatively, the couple may agree to consider one spouse or domestic partner as a family member only.

However, payment shall be authorized only when the head of agency has determined that the employee has acted responsibly in retaining temporary quarters during the period of official travel. Prior to exercise of this authority the authorizing official must certify in writing that every effort has been made to obtain a lower lodging rate for the period in question.

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)

The temporary quarters subsistence allowance granted upon first arrival at a new post shall terminate as of the earliest of the dsst dates: If your duty location is not listed, then use the “all other locations” per diem rate. Foreign Per Diem Rates.

Skip to main content Dasr Enter. Evidence of the daily cost of meals, laundry and dry cleaning shall be a certified statement by the employee. Each married couple employee or domestic partnership employee may be granted the “initial occupant” rate under Sections andbut only one employee may be granted applicable amounts for any additional family members.

This allowance dssrr expenses for lodging, meals, laundry and dry cleaning not to exceed maximum allowance.

SR ; final eff. The temporary quarters subsistence allowance is intended to assist in covering the average cost of adequate but not elaborate or unnecessarily expensive accommodations in a hotel, pension, or other transient-type quarters at the post of assignment, plus reasonable meal and laundry expenses for a period not in excess of 90 days after first arrival at a new post of assignment in a foreign area, ending with the occupation of residence quarters if earlier, or 30 days immediately preceding final dssg from the post following necessary vacating of residence quarters.


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You may request an advance of these funds or dwsr of expenses. Any post allowance which would be otherwise authorized under Section of these regulations shall not be paid for any period during which the temporary quarters subsistence allowance is paid. Where the employee’s departure for transfer precedes that of family members, the temporary quarters subsistence allowance at the previous post shall not extend beyond the date preceding the date of the arrival of the new employee at the new post; or.

Supporting receipts or other appropriate documentation for the daily cost of temporary lodging shall also be supplied.

In exceptional circumstances when temporary lodging facilities in the locality are extremely limited and necessary lodging costs are excessive, desr head of agency may authorize an amount of actual expenses incurred not to exceed the rate produced by Section The daily actual expenses for temporary lodging, meals including groceries consumed during occupancy of temporary quartersfees and tips incident to meals and lodging, laundry and cleaning of clothing will be totaled for each 30 day period to permit a comparison with the maximum amount for each specified period.

The temporary quarters subsistence allowance grant shall be appropriately revised as of: When the employee has died while stationed in a foreign area, family members may be reimbursed for up to five days of TQSA when the head of agency or designee determines it is necessary to occupy temporary quarters after vacating permanent quarters prior to final departure from post.

The agency head or designee may authorize the grant of temporary quarters subsistence allowance up to five days prior to the termination of the grant of living quarters allowance if such agency head or designee determines that it is necessary for the employee to vacate existing quarters in order to meet lease requirements for cleaning and repair.


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Section TQSA worksheet: The allowance must be claimed by the employee on the Standard Form It will take fssr two weeks to receive advance TQSA upon receipt of completed request. However, see Section If less than a 30 day period is authorized, or used, the maximum allowable amount will be based on the number of days authorized, or used, multiplied by the applicable daily rate.

Employee should list the following in Box 18, Remarks: