Here substantially revised and expanded, Don Gifford’s annotations to Joyce’s great comprise a specialized encyclopedia that will inform any reading of Ulysses. Don Gifford’s annotations to Joyce’s great modern classic comprise a specialized encyclopedia that will inform any reading of Ulysses. Title, “Ulysses” Annotated: Notes for James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. Author, Don Gifford . Edition, 2. Publisher, University of California P. Length, pages.

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This, I think, is the book’s main virtue. The preface advises that this reference is to be kept open and to be read alongside the novel. Ulyswes He is denied Her front door, He is in Hell on earthwhen released from Hell His odyssey to Her begins again with His ever-present accompanying internal travails for She ulusses knows when He is worthy of Her acceptance their Paradise. When Modern Library released their list of the great books of this century last year, I felt my guilt once again, for now I had a list of books for which I had never read past the cover.

Maps come from Google Maps and from cited books. Useful, if unnecessary, reading Ulysses to understand absolutely everything Joyce makes reference to is not the point of it, like, at all. Weldon Thornton’s earlier Allusions in Ulysses: Good source for trivia questions, and makes you look literate. That being said, I was wary of having Gifford’s exhaustive research displace my attention from Joyce’s incandescent, humorous, exuberant use of language.

Yet Bloom is optimistic throughout the work – in regard to the possibility of another child, again Molly: Annotations in this edition are keyed both to the reading text of the new critical edition of Ulysses published in and to At which point he can reverse backwards into the early part of the guide and find the very first appearance of that term. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. To avoid this, I did not read the annotations side by side Ulysses’s text. A “pard” — contrary to my then-dictionary’s definition, which had it as an abbreviated form of leopard — is a mythical, fabulously colored animal of medieval lore, further details of which escape me but which had some delightful characteristics that fascinated me as a young woman.


This Herculean work must have taken years and years of research, but thank God for it! Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. At some point, I will have to cut the cord and go it alone, and I wonder at how I’ll fare without such a valuable and trusty guide.

Ulysses Annotated

Jul 14, Kris rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s funny, beautiful, desperate, and well worth the effort – but not without this guide. Jun 03, Geoff rated it it was amazing. Account Options Sign in. Every effort is made to identify and cite the creator of the work, its location if displayed in a museum, church, or other public space, and the address of a relatively authoritative website if the image appears on many. Basically, Joyce devised a novel in which he was able ulyxses throw in everything, including the kitchen sink and toilet.

The annotations in this volume illuminate details which are not in the public realm for most of us. I would suggest that the novel itself is enough labyrinthine red tape to be navigating, and that a brief re-statement of terms, a reminder at the point where it occurs in the current chapter –would best serve the reader engaged in this endeavor.

Within each section, change the writing style from the realism of Thomas Hardy and D. I seemed to lean on it just as heavily as I did that first time through.

Selected pages Title Page. Only two quibbles here.

Ulysses Annotated by Don Gifford – Paperback – University of California Press

Dec 30, Kingsley Layton rated it really liked it Shelves: Tavern life teaches the evolution of Joyce’s ten God “thunderclaps” one hundred lettered words pushing man’s evolution forward from cave man’s tales to modern tv media tales. Oh, and please don’t feel like you could only enjoy this book if you happen to be reading Ulysses.

All journal names are spelled ulyssed, with the exception of gifcord James Joyce Quarterlysometimes referred to simply as JJQ. Thus, the reading material to take was decided automatically. This is not a book that will survive years, though, I feel—at least, not without the annotations—for it relies so much on things that are fading so quickly. Mar 27, Mishek rated it it was amazing.


Definitely well worth the money for any Ulysses fans. If you are about to re-read Ulysses, or if you share my love of historical references and context, then I recommend Gifford very highly – just don’t let your perusal of it direct your attention away from what is really important – Joyce’s writing itself.

Don Gifford’s annotations to Joyce’s great modern classic comprise a specialized encyclopedia that will inform any reading of Ulysses.

Joyce’s Circe chapter a surrealistic one-act Ibsen-like play is where Bloom finds self-possession – Joyce makes Bloom encounter his own psycho-sexual existential questions, rather than finding life’s answers in the dead ghosts of his life the ancient Greek Hades chapter of the dead past. Refresh and try again. About the Book Don Gifford’s annotations to Joyce’s great modern classic comprise a specialized encyclopedia that gifcord inform any reading of Ulysses.

Provides compact explanations of myriad objects, songs, poems, and references made in Ulysses. Maybe it’s ajnotated so essential anymore, now that we’ve got Wikipedia, but in those old-timey days it really was necessary.

When I knew that I would be joining Jill for two-and-a-half weeks in Germany, including a lot of time to myself while she was working. A Guide Through Ulysses which I will discuss in a separate review. When something peculiar is mentioned once, even briefly, Mr. A Guide Through Ulysses which I will discuss in a sepa I’ve just finished my first read of Ulysses, and it was a transcendent experience.

Peruse this to get your head spinning. Another mysterious message from Goodreads: