A translation of the twelfth-century Disciplina Clericalis of Pedro Alfonso, Disciplina Clericalis (English translation) from the fifteenth century Worcester. The scholar’s guide. A translation of the twelfth-century Disciplina Clericalis of Pedro Alfonso, by Joseph Ramon Jones and John Esten Keller. – La porosidad de las fronteras culturales: el “Calila y Dimna” árabe en la ” Disciplina clericalis” latina de Pedro Alfonso, rabino y cristiano aragonés.

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Medieval Perspectives 31 Help Center Find new research papers in: These online bookshops told us they have this item: Although this document was written for Christians, he intended it to help the Christians understand why the Jewish people were not converting.

Petrus Alphonsi – Wikipedia

Members of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Lcericalis and Maori communities are advised that this catalogue contains names and images of deceased people. Because Petrus came from Iberia, a place where polemics were initiated from actual dialogue and actual knowledge of rival religions, he was able to bring his Andalusian polemic with his firsthand knowledge of Judaism out of Iberia to Latin Europe, and transform the Latin polemical tradition.

It was not merely proof of sexual activity or evidence of offspring that conferred masculine status in the parishes of late medieval Discilpina.

Homicide and the Development of Medieval Clerical Discipline. Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply.

Appeared in The Jurist The Disciplina clericalis of Petrus Alfonsi was an unusual text in its own time and place. Remember me on this computer.

Catalog Record: Disciplina Clericalis (English translation) | Hathi Trust Digital Library

English Author Petrus Alfonsi, ? This was the origin of the Alphunsus de Arabicis eventibus.


He was born at an unknown date and place in the 11th century in Spain, and educated in al-Andalusor Islamic Spain, largely the same as modern Andalucia. Petrus established in the beginning of the fifth titulus that he was very knowledgeable in Islam, and it is evident that alfonsoo wanted his readers to know that he had the authority to write about Islam. Learning and scholarship — History — Medieval, — Sources.

Because of his knowledge of the Talmud and Judaism, that until then was unprecedented by Christian polemicists, it validated his anti-Judaic position. The last point Moses makes is that the Jews had a right to kill him because they had a just judgment of Jesus being a magician.

Disciplina Clericalis

Log In Sign Up. Up until the Dialogi contra Iudaeosthe Augustinian tradition was followed in Christendom disciplkna allowed relative tolerance to the Jewish people, and for discpilina most part up until this point the attacks on the Jewish people were localized and more importantly, not organized.

The polemics between Moses and Peter seemed to have a friendly tone in their voices, but the arguments that the Dialogi presented were a radically new way to attack Judaism.

He spent several years there as court physician of Henry I of England reigned This single location in Queensland: It seems very illogical for Petrus clerlcalis write such an extensive work against Judaism, and then perro one of the twelve titulus about Islam in the middle of the Dialogi.

This single location in Australian Capital Territory: Language English Undetermined Dewey Number A translation of the twelfth-century Disciplina Clericalis of Pedro Alfonso.

Petrus Alphonsi

His background was conveniently placed in the centre of contention between religions and circumstances that surrounded his upbringing, and provided the framework for polemics that would shape Medieval Judaic perception. We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. Petrus uses the delicate balance between framing and parataxis to situate a sophisticate theory of exemplarity that analyzes representation and emphasizes the importance of interpreting moralized tales. According to Alfonsi, as long as the rabbis of the present afonso remained in power, they were able to keep the Jewish people from seeing discilpina truth.

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For Alfonsi, there existed a difficulty in proving Christianity through the invalidity of Judaism since the basic tenets of Christianity originate in the Old Testament. Having identified that unit, I demonstrate its value for the operative exemplary poetics in Disciplina clericalis by analyzing the longest dialogic exemplum sequence in the work.

Disicplina was a clear deviation from the Augustinian tradition, and was only successful because of the unique position as a Jewish convert that Petrus Alfonsi occupied.

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When viewed in this way, the dialogic exemplum sequence—or framed series of tales told in a conversation—becomes one of the most significant formal units in the work.

Skip to main content. Everything is Twosided Contents and Plan of. When Petrus Alfonsi quoted from the Talmud, he ignored any such slanderous language, and focused on references that would contradict philosophical logic or scientific fact.