Another important development in the situation is the formation of the “Workers Front against the desafuero (impeachment) of AMLO”, to which. In Mexico, a desafuero is the removal of a public official’s privileged immunity Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), along with a request that the Mayor be. ¿Qué tan bueno o malo fue AMLO como jefe de Gobierno? .. formada por diputados del PRI y del PAN votó a favor del desafuero del Peje.

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Retrieved 29 October Leader of the Party of the Democratic Revolution — Archived from the original on 22 November ATF agents allegedly engaged in ” gunwalking “.

After their meeting, the poet invited him to his campaign to obtain a seat in the Senate during the elections.

Mexico: Desafuero | NACLA

Dseafuero he survives the desafuero and is able to run for president and wins, and he sticks to his word, he could potentially play a role similar to that of Chavez in Venezuela, because the social and economic conditions of the two countries are similar. Is there any wonder what the impetus was behind the renewed push announced last week by Bush and Fox, after years of talk and no action, to solve the question of immigration and border control?

Mexico could possibly see events similar to those that have taken place in recent years in Bolivia. The masses desafeuro to the new era under Vincente Fox in the hopes that their problems would be solved.

The PRD has before it the historic opportunity of transforming the situation and of shifting the correlation of forces decidedly in favour of the working class.

The US is playing with fire, and if Obrador is blocked, they could face a revolutionary explosion of the Mexican masses.

Heads of Government of Desafuerp City. Archived from the original on 8 February The federal attorney general had no option but to proceed. In response to this result, in a move reminiscent of Francisco I. Since immunity from criminal prosecution is almost universally confused with the fueroboth terms will be used interchangeably.


Such a movement — a mass, democratic, anti-imperialist movement vesafuero all the potential in the world to develop into an anti-capitalist, socialist movement desfauero would have an enormous effect on the downtrodden and oppressed in the United States, millions of which, by amlp way, are from Mexico or are of Mexican origin.

Retrieved December 1, The Court did find that President Fox, and the CCE, a business interest group, had interfered in the elections in the form of campaigning for a given candidate, which is against campaign laws.

I can not be in a party where tax increases were approved and it was approved that they will increase the price of gasoline every month. The city agreed to build access roads to the new hospital. The PRD said that both parties entered into an information sharing agreement regarding the issue. The revolutionary wave that is sweeping Latin America now threatens to land right at the doorstep of the United States of America.

If officially charged, he would have lost all his civil rights, including the right to run for the presidency in desafuwro, unless he was either quickly acquitted of all charges or managed to serve his sentence before the electoral registration deadline.

The most likely scenario in terms of the economic policy that a possible Lopez Obrador administration would aklo in will be one characterized by populist rhetoric but pragmatic and reformist in reality.

Beyond this, a movement of this type in Mexico will strengthen the shift to the left and revolutionary movements across Latin America, strengthen the movement in Venezuela, and find an echo in the United States. The principles of non-intervention, self-determination and the peaceful settlement of disputes will be applied again.

Retrieved 5 September The Chicago Sun-Times published an AP article on March 27 by Mark Stevenson revealing the attitude of the section of the bourgeois that do not want to risk an Obrador presidency, which just days before a decision desafueto his desafuero have come out strongly against him — a warning to the PRI that it to had best solve its problems, and get rid of him. There was empathy between the two because the young man raised his concern for the Chontal Maya.


Andrés Manuel López Obrador – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 15 October While the case was discussed in the Electoral Tribunal, the IFE has called for the candidates to refrain from proclaiming themselves as winner, president-elect, or president until the final resolution was taken. The Attorney General, appointed by Fox, then opened a formal investigation in November of that year.

He is not charged with corruption, embezzling, or any other form of personal enrichment. Therefore, by law, the TEPJF found it could order a recount of only those 71, polling stations in controversy.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Retrieved 1 November This split in the traditional party of the Mexican ruling class reveals the split in the ruling class itself. Retrieved 9 July It is said to protect them from blackmail and bribery. If they both vote together in favour or against, this will put massive pressure on the party, making the dispute more acute, provoking a serious battle in the party and possibly a split. The business community, in particular, began to fear that it would soon suffer from the instability stemming from this perceived attempt to bar a candidate because of a minor, disputed, non-pecuniary infraction.

Aside from the political power at risk, the untested legal system has shown deficiencies which will further prolong controversies. Archived from the original on 1 October He is often known for accusing the business and political elite of belonging to la mafia del poder the power mafia.

Cordova said many judicial orders are issued every day across Mexico and that a significant proportion are ignored by public officials without prosecution. Archived from the original on 27 January