DEMOLAY() [email protected] · Centennial Courtyard Click HERE to view the Leaders Resource Guide. © DeMolay International. Leader’s Resource Guide. Demolay International Kansas City, Missouri). ( DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide Fifteenth Edition October Printed inUSA o. Demolay Leader’s Resource Guide. 12 likes. Book.

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This award gives the Master Deemolay a good incentive to make his term successful. The Order of DeMolay is the premier leadership training organization for young men….

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

He shall perform all duties appropriate to his guiide, and those assigned to him by the Statutes, the bylaws of the Chapter, the ISC or the Exeeutise Officer of his jurisdiction. Through DeMolay program planning, young men: The following are descriptions of each Obligatory Day with suggestions for related activities. The Orator and the Marshal may be in charge of plans like these: The member receiving the majority of the ballots cast not counting blank ballots is the winner.

In addition demoaly the Senior Councilor and Junior Councilor, an Advisor should be assigned, if available, to assist each committee. As a DeMolay, you will receive the benefits of tradition, resoudce, social involvement, athletic teamwork, leadership and a worldwide network of friends with a common bond -benefits you will enjoy for the rest ofyour life.

Day ofcomforl This special day should be held during the Thanksgiving-Christmas season on a day convenient to the Chapter. A catalog of supplies is available on request. The Program PlannilngCommittee needs to set a date to hear reports from the activity committees. Also, as a senior officer of the Chapter, the Junior Councilor should help in every way to assist the Master Councilor.


This final meeting should be attended by the original four members of the Program Planning Committee. The religious creed of a DeMolay is his own, and he is encouraged to follow its teachings.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide – PDF

Offer to do yard work. Keader outings for underprivileged or mentally or physically handicapped children. Members of this committee should include leaders in the localbusiness community who are willing to lend their experience, advice and guidance to Chapter members. Naturally, this qualification for the officeofmaster Councilor does not hold true in the formation ofa new Chapter.

lrg – DeMolay International

Land born in Kansas City. You’ll discuss ideas and be heard on any issue that comes before the Chapter. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time with your DeMolayfriends and at activities, there are some demolsy parents willwant to know Collect clothes, magazines and books for distribution to the needy in different places.

They are Author of. Publish the monthly 2. Installation Night Greet special guests.

Adapted and Revised by Washington DeMolay If this is the case, the Demolxy Councilor simply needs BI’ to fill in the details to finalize the program for his term.

When deciding on events, these committees should be sure to recommend activities that are: Maintain a cooperative relationship with all Advisors.

A DeMolay is honest. A resolution of this nature must be made at one regular meeting, and considered and sustained by the affirmative vote of three-fourths of the members present at the next stated meeting. DeMolay also has special observances called “Obligatory Days” that give young men time to mark important aspects of personal, family and oomtnunicy rue.

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The Advisory Council should invite the superintendent and principal. Ifpossible, minutes should be typed. Committee Meetings At the first meeting. Financial Reporl8- An important part of the Scribe’s duties leadeg connected with financial matters. It wiil insure that the Chapter treasury has the proper amount ofmoney due to the ISC at all times.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

An award is granted for a job well done at any time of the year. Dad Land, 3rd from left, front row. Proper filing of these reports along with copies of Form los, Advisor registrations and other forms will help your Chapter have accurate and up-to-date records.

Have an auto or boating safety booth at the county fair. This committee establishes Chapter policies and programs, with the approval of the Advisory Council. In general, make him feel welcome and glad that he’s a DeMolay. Ifyou need financial assistance, be sure to talk to your Executive Officer or Chapter Demollay about finding a sponsor.

Inthe history of DeMolaythere are several important dates and occasionsthat helped us accomplish what we have to date. Competent leaders in every jurisdiction can be utilized to train people locally. This committee generally is composed of the Councilors, a DeMolay WeekIMonth chairman, a public relations or publicity chairman, the Chapter Advisor and any other DeMolay adult workers who may.

Build guude help maintain a public playground repair.