Dell SC Manual Online: Technical Specifications. Processor Processor type Expansion Bus Bus type Expansion slots PCIe PCI-X PCI Memory Architecture. Installing a fourth hard drive, System messages • Read online or download PDF • Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual. Hardware owner’s manual, Dell™ poweredge™ sc systems • Read online or download PDF • Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual.

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For the full name of an abbreviation or acronym used in this table, see the “Glossary” The FBD link to the.

Don’t have an account? The System Setup program defaults are sc143 under their maual options, where applicable. Integrated Devices Screen Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Using the System Setup Program After you set up your system, run the System Setup program to familiarize yourself with your system configuration and optional settings.

Sc14330 remove the lower screw, angle the screwdriver over the top of the CPU1 heat sink, if populated. Before you proceed, back up all files on the hard drive. City Code Netherlands Amsterdam Website: See “Using the System Setup Program” Be careful not to bend any of the pins on the ZIF socket when removing the processor.

Dell POWER EDGE SC1430 user manual

Page 84 Figure Page 45 Figure Page 74 Figure Page 12 Table Page Country Code: Page 2 Trademarks used in this text: Replacing The Processor Figure If the test fails, continue to the next step. Hard Drives Figure Faulty or improperly installed memory module. Installing and Removing a Memory Module memory module memory module socket ejectors 2 6 Align the memory module’s edge connector with the alignment key on the memory module socket, and insert the memory module in the socket.


The power button controls the DC power supply output to the system. DIMM x Faulty or improperly installed memory module. Before performing any procedure, see your Product Information Guide for complete information about safety precautions, working inside the computer and protecting against electrostatic discharge. Removing and Installing an Expansion Card release tab alignment guide 5 If you are installing a new card, remove the filler bracket.

A fourth hard drive requires an optional hard-drive carrier with a cooling fan. Vincent and the Grenadines Website: The memory module socket has an alignment key that allows you to install the memory module in the socket in only one way. Depending on the results of the diagnostics test, proceed as needed through the following steps. Installing a fourth hard drive mmanual an optional hard-drive dll with a cooling fan.

If an error message does not appear, continue to the next step. Processor thermal probe failure detected.


If a second processor is installed in your system, do not route the fan cable through the narrow space. Disabling a Forgotten Password The password jumper on the system board enables the system password features or disables them and clears any password s currently in use.


Using The System Password To change or delete an existing password, you must know the password.

Integrated Devices Screen Integrated Devices Screen Table lists the options and descriptions for the information fields that appear on the Integrated Devices screen. Installing and Removing the Heat Sink processor access door heat-sink assembly captive manuak housing 4 11 Pull the socket-release lever 90 degrees upward until the processor shield is released from the socket.

NVRAM is used for maintaining the date, time, and system configuration information. Got it, continue to print.

Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual | pages

Using a clean lint-free cloth, remove the existing thermal grease from the heat sink. If Not Enabled is displayed for the System Password option, the system password has been deleted. In diesem Text verwendete Marken: Main Screen Figure 1 shows the updated main System Setup program screen.

Table lists the causes and corrective actions associated with these codes and the power light status before system POST.

Using The Setup Sc14300 4 When prompted, type the system password. Ensure that only Dell-qualified memory is used. Page 94 6 Install the expansion cards and connect any cables. Page 67 Figure If you did not receive a replacement heat sink, use the heat sink that you removed in “Removing the Processor”