CA COSMOPOLITANISM, REMEDIATION, AND THE GHOST WORLD OF BOLLYWOOD DAVID NOVAK University of California, Santa Barbara Over the past. Intro Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood Double click to crop it if necessary (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr. In this article Novak discusses remediation in regards to Bollywood music, specifically the song-and-dance number “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” from.

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Archives April March February January The Underground Comix Revolution — Cultural Anthropology 24 1: Batman ; he narrates a critical self-recognition as a fetishist collector of recordings, video clips, and other kitschy objects. Spiegelman, Art —91 Maus: His young protagonists do not so much actively resist as remove themselves from the project of defending their own taste identity. Along with beats drawn from U.

Although Bollywood is acknowledged worldwide as one of the only non-Western productions to parallel the hegemony of U.

Clowes, Daniel Ghost World. They did, however, seek to preserve and highlight the strange ways things circulate, by juxtaposing different media to make different kinds of sense.

UC Santa Barbara

ghozt Luvaas, Brent Dislocating Sound: You are commenting using bol,ywood Facebook account. In creating the film for Ghost World, Clowes says, We [Clowes and director Terry Zwigoff ] wanted that stuff to be viewed as oppressive. I describe a perfor- mance of the song by a short-lived Bay Area rock band called Heavenly Ten Stems, whose brief life in the early s crystallized the debates around cul- tural appropriation for a nascent underground reception of Bollywood in North America.

Popular Indian Cinema through a Transnational Lens. Silvio, Teri Remediation and Local Globalizations: But the protest of the performance staged a cultural remediation that cut both ways.


A videotape of the incident, shot in the bygone club the Chameleon, has survived among insiders of the Bay area underground music scene see Figure 6.

A full clip of Jaan Pehechaan Ho and other audiovisual examples discussed in this essay are available on a supplemental page on anf Cultural Anthropology Web coxmopolitanism at the following address: The Global Swing in Hindi Cinema. In their sense, remediation transfers content from one format to another, thereby making media new, and making new media.

Remediation reveals and constitutes contemporary cosmopolitanism.

“Cosmopolitanism, Remediation and the Ghost World of Bollywood.” | David Novak –

What does remediation have to do with the way we think remediaiton globalization? It was one of those tapes that guys like me get from people where you get like, a 20th generation tape: Bollywood Hero Independent Film Channel.

Cul- tural Anthropology 24 2: The ironies run thick in this flow, with its time lags and stuttered reit- erations. For a fuller list of essays in Cultural Anthropology on media, see http: I am not sug- gesting that remediation creates some sort of social equivalence between nationally constructed cultures, ethnic subcultures, and aesthetic countercultures. Dubs, too, are readily contested by other versions, even when different subjects engage in the same media context.

Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood

In this America, everyone—at least everyone paying attention—is a fringe dweller. Gopalan, Lalitha Cinema of Interruptions: Her role was often misremembered and overemphasized, if only because she was the only protester already known personally by many in the audience.

It seems that the clear juxtaposition of Western and non-Western cosmopoolitanism is meant to create a sense of uncanny among the audience. Heavenly Ten Stems played only three times, but their performances became the subject of local legend. Funk from Bollywood Action Thrillers — Anand, Dev Jaanwar. After her clothes are torn, Allen slaps her accuser and the stage is suddenly crowded with audience members, performers, and protesters trying to calm the situation.


Editorial Overview In the February issue of Cultural AnthropologyDavid Novak examines how the process of remediation — “the repurposing of media for new contexts, the repurposing of one medium in another” — of Asian media creates contemporary cosmopolitan subjects.

Indian Cinema and cosmopolltanism Urban Experience.

As the camera zooms closer, we see that Enid is watching Jaan Pehechaan Ho along gemediation us, but not merely watching; she is dancing. Cultural Nationalism in a Global Arena. Often ghostt actors are transported to an unexplained overseas setting, and perform musical references to foreign artists or genres, clad in spectacular costumes.

Who has the right to quote and reference, and which mediations belong to which cultural realms? Chadha, Gurinder Bride and Prejudice. Thanks to our newfound confidence we are the second-largest consumer market, are we not? Novak traces the trajectory and transformation of one Indian song-and-dance routine, Jaan Pehechaan Ho, from s Bollywood, to a live performance of the Indie group Heavenly Ten Stems in s San Francisco, to the film Cosmopolittanism World.

Mazzarella, William a Shoveling Smoke: