Ct Manual. Comtrend corporation CTT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comtrend corporation CTT User Manual. AC-IG User. CT ADSL2+ Wireless Router User Manual Version A, September 11, Preface This manual provides information related to the. Comtrend CTT Router. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Comtrend CTT Router. Couldn’t find the manual that.

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Comtrend Corporation CT-5361 User Manual

The following screen will display. Firewall Stateful Packet Inspection Refers to an architecture, where the firewall keeps track of packets on each connection traversing all its interfaces and makes sure they are valid. WPS WPS is an industry standard that simplifies wireless security setup for certified network devices.

Click Next to continue. If you experience a high packet error rate, try to slightly increase the Fragmentation Threshold. When a service is selected the port ranges are automatically configured Enter the internal port ending number when you select Custom Server.

Enter the source IP address. The PIN may be generated randomly in the latter case. All other frames on this interface are dropped. Click Add to configure network traffic classes. Enabling no Acknowledgement can result in more efficient throughput but higher error rates in a noisy Radio Frequency RF environment.

Dmt if you want the system to use G.

Other rates are discrete values between 1 to 54 Mbps. However, the WPS logo might not be present on your device. Page of Go. To add a dynamic DNS service, simply click the Add button. CA is a part of the X.


These rules help in the filtering of traffic at the Layer 2. LAN accessthe PC running the browser must be attached to the Ethernet, and not necessarily to the device. Untick it to stop the ATM service. Click Add to display the following screen. There will be one or more digital signatures attached to the certificate, indicating that these entities have verified that this certificate is valid.

Comtrend CT-5361T Router

When a service is selected, the port ranges are automatically configured. WEP is a set ct-5631 security services used to protect Select Quick Setup from the main menu and uncheck the DSL Auto-connect checkbox ; to begin the manual quick setup process.

If restrictions are to be applied to a device other than the one on which the browser is running, the MAC address of that LAN device is entered. Manual device upgrades from a locally stored file can be performed using the following screen. Enter the starting external port number when you select Custom Server. Name of the Filter.

Comtrend CT Default Router Login and Password

ADSL link is established. To add a Virtual Server, simply click the Add button. Windows Vista, Linux, etc. The individual tests are listed below. Usually, the fully qualified domain name of the machine.

Upon completion, click Next. Enter the path and filename of the firmware image file in the Software File Name field or click the Browse button to locate the image file.

Only those bridges selected in Remote Bridges will be granted access. Specifies a data transmission rate.


Click Start to start the test or Close. Start the Internet browser and enter the default IP address for the device in the Web address field. The PIN can be found on the device itself or within the client software. No part of this document may be translated, transcribed, reproduced, in any form, or by any means without prior written consent of Comtrend Corporation. Page 68 To xt-5361 a group from the list, first enter the group name and then select from the available interfaces on the list.


Encryption strength can be set to either bit or bit. The amount of time between beacon transmissions in milliseconds.

Enter the client PIN in the box provided comttend click Add. Four network keys can be defined although only one can be used at any one time.

Default Settings During power on initialization, the CT initializes all configuration attributes to default values. Set which days that will have block Close the device Configuration window and wait for 2 minutes before reopening the browser.

Shows the name for WAN connection Shows connection interfaces 37 5. Current channel shown to the right. Green An Ethernet Link is established. The settings for WPA authentication are shown below. You can select a particular channel on which to operate, force the transmission rate to a particular speed, set the fragmentation threshold, set the RTS threshold, set the wakeup interval for clients in power-save mode, set the beacon interval for the access point, set XPress mode and set whether short or long preambles are used.