Site about swimming in openwater and openwater swimming events in Europe. Using unique survey data on Dutch collective agreement negotiators, the authors model how information about other collective bargaining events influences the. For more information, please contact the editor Jan.

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For the yearsand there will be a payment of one index slice per year. In Bulgaria, the government proposed to introduce minimum wages differentiated by region and economic activity.

Bulgaria Tells Germany Euro Plans Firm – – Sofia News Agency

If we compare the change of agreed pay increases between the two years concerned, we see that five countries reported a growing trend in the level of agreed pay increase Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Malta while nine countries reported a decreasing trend Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Portugal and the UK. So no weighting within a sector is done: Recently, gtootmetaal the context of the support mechanism of the Greek economy, the manner of determining minimum wages has been substantially modified both at national and sectoral level.

Caao contrast, the employers agreed with the proposed sum of PLN 1, At first, the sampling occurs at the level of the grootmetaa, agreements and laws ; in a second step, the sampling is done at the level of wage positions within the respective collective agreements and wage regulations. Compared with the — already gloomy — picture of collective pay increases across Europe, the situation as regards the development of minimum wages is even worse. Employer organisations supported the introduction of such a minimum wage differentiated by region.

Back to top of page. Index of the conventionally agreed wages.

Cao grootmetaal 2012 pdf

Finally, in Portugalthe public administration over recent years has increasingly assumed the role of a pace setter in wage setting. Additional agreements on company level exist, but are not publicly available and thus not included. For this reason, the choice of what sector-related agreements to report on has been left to the discretion of national correspondents according to national delimitations of the sector.

Paul Asmuth had every reason in the world to end his open-water, marathon swimming career before it really started. A similar approach to data gathering as for the entire economy has been applied in this part of the study: The resultant figures are then topped up with the cost of living adjustments in cases where the collective agreement is exclusive of the cost of living allowance COLA.


Eurofound is currently working on a comparable estimate using Structure of Earnings Survey data. Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely.

This sheet is presented along with all the necessary documentation in order to register the agreement. In Poland, interviews with representatives of trade unions operating in the metalworking sector indicate that in recent years the number of company-level collective agreements terminated by employers has been growing.

In Italyan interconfederal agreement as of 22 January signed by grootmetaaal government and the social partners with the exception of griotmetaal General Confederation of Italian Workers — CGIL introduced some reforms into the bargaining system ITI. All workers in the public sector including the local government sector: Company-level agreement covering employees of the company 202 approximately in total, including seasonal employees. Finally, for those cases where neither of these two apply, correspondents were asked to list up to three major company-level agreements.

The generally binding declaration comes into1 from the chief administrative officer The second half of was a dynamic time for the Chief Administrative Office CAO. Also, in the bargaining round, a decentralisation process has occurred, so that it is highly questionable if the sector can keep its pace-setting nature see 4: In the Greek banking sector, no collective agreements were concluded.

The datasource is based on a sample. Outlook on pay developments in While the draft still has vrootmetaal pass the German Parliament, it has nonetheless stirred a heated debate amongst employers.

The data refer to the whole of public administration, rather than local government specifically. Create new account Request new password. The whole industrial sector as the pace-setting sector for the metalworking industry as well. According to the agreement, wage increases stipulated in collective bargaining should not rise by more than 0.

The series of 0212 below Figures 2—5 present the outcomes of collective wage bargaining, in both and Currently agreements are included.

The personnel employed under private law employment relationship, of all categories and specialties, by municipalities, communities, associations, institutions and groogmetaal entities of public law of communities and organisations that depend on or are subsidised by municipalities or communities and applies exclusively to the members cso unions, members of Pan-Hellenic Federation of Workers of Local Authorities POE-OTA.


Bulgaria’s Finance Minister Simeon Djankov has confirmed in Germany that the country will apply this year to join the exchange-rate mechanism, the two-year currency stability test prior to euro adoption. Some countries, such as France and the UK, have separate minima levels for apprentices.

However, these guidelines are not mandatory. The proposal for the private sector which as of January is still under discussion states that indexation is to take place only once a year and is to be reduced and ought to be halted in times of negative growth.

No specific amounts were given.

This chapter looks at collectively agreed pay increases in three sectors — metalworking, banking and local government. Recently the government and the social partners agreed on a public committee with tripartite representation.

Outcomes of pay cak mechanisms affecting major parts of the economy. Amstel Ice Swim Uitslagen. The overall picture of collectively agreed pay increases across Europe is gloomy. A working conditions and industrial relations perspectiveDublin. The percentage of collective agreements covered is unknown.

Netherlands -Metal workers conclude collective agreements -October 22, –

From 1 Aprilwhen the new scheme came fully into force, employers are able to choose whether to remain in the employer organisations that sign the EGSSE and pay their employees the salaries stipulated by the EGSSE or, instead, pay the minimum wage stipulated by the state.

In countries where sector-level bargaining is predominant grootetaal no such databases exist, the outcomes of the major sector-related agreements are reported. Company level agreement covering the employees of ING in the Netherlands 27, people. The map provides indicative information and should be read in conjunction with the information provided in Tables 10 and The available data on those persons working at a minimum wage are patchy and incomplete, as Table 17 in Annex 2 suggests.