Every Caesarstone® quartz surface comes with a comprehensive 10 Year Limited Please note, due to Christmas trading – All warranty registrations submitted. Because your peace of mind is a top priority, we provide every client with a lifetime warranty for every Caesarstone quartz surface product we. Caesarstone’s Warranty. As passionate as we are about design, we are equally committed to providing the best quality and service. When you purchase.

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Warranty Registration

I have to say that there are really good manufacturers out there who do stand behind their product. All decisions regarding the existence of manufacturing defects or affecting this warranty shall be made by Caesarstone USA Inc.

We skipped a couple of skids and tried again, with the same result. This warranty does not cover any chemical damage.

This warranty does not cover any defects that were visible at the time of fabrication and were not avoided during fabrication. New Designs Inspired by the rough, tough and unpolished, translated into residential and commercial interiors. Staron’s New Supreme Collection for Healthcare. No warranty whatsoever is made in regards to materials produced or provided by other manufacturers. We had a customer once who put a high-heat Wok over a seam, and left it cooking there for a lengthy period of time, and it popped the seam it was a supported solid surface seam.

They can be useful to homeowners but they screw the fabricator.

Caesarstone Warranty | Caesarstone Quartz Warranty | Caesarstone®

We recently ran into a problem on a large solid surface job. In addition to our dynamic work milieu, we manufacture a superior product and offer great benefits, competitive salaries and a compassionate company culture. In the event that no record of your warranty is on file, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of a copy of your original receipt or invoice showing the name of the Owner, Authorized Dealer and CaesarStone Certified Fabricator.


You could have a chunk of a guys thumb from the factory in there and as long as it was smaller than a dime, youa caexarstone out of luck Please remove a sample to add this colour. Post that do not stay on topic will be removed from thread. This warranty does not cover products used as flooring material. CaesarStone materials contain important product information on the back of each slab. It is not transferable and you must live in the home. This warranty is transferable under the following conditions: Warrznty for violating FabNet rules: Laws and building safety regulations governing the design, engineering caesarstonw construction of installations vary widely.

Once the product is installed, the two main reasons for seam separation or cracking are the shifting or movement wqrranty the substrate, cabinets or foundation, and thermal shock. Please read the following rules. No representative, dealer, salesperson, distributor, fabricator or any other caesarxtone is authorized to make any warranty or promises on behalf of U.

Even if they do, some customers expect it to be covered. This warranty does not cover mitered edges where the joint is not cut correctly. The homeowner ended up getting new tops because we weren’t going to screw over caessarstone good customer but we ended up eating the cost to fabricate new tops, tear out and dispose of the old tops, disconnect and reconnect plumbing, and reinstall the new tops.


The option to repair or replace the material is at the sole discretion of U. If they rule out chips, they rule out a large portion of manufacturer’s defects. This warranty gives you specific caexarstone rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State.

It normally takes someone acting on it for the material to have an observable defect, and when someone acts on it, the manufacturer has someone else to point a finger at.

Following installation, you must register your product within thirty 30 days in order to activate your warranty. Color samples provided to consumers, dealers and fabricators caesarztone only caesxrstone and not an exact replication of what will be installed in your home.

Len, I agree with you about the finger pointing, and I do think they knew what they were doing when they wrote the warranty that way.

This warranty does not cover use for any commercial purposes. FabNet Administrator andy thefabricatornetwork. This warranty does not cover mitered edges where the joint is not cut correctly.

The factory is not far from the border. Is El Paso sounding as good to you as San Diego? Read the Hanstone warranty