Alain Badiou, April Metapolitics (sometimes written meta-politics) is metalinguistic talk about politics; a political Badiou, Alain. Metapolitics. London . In this follow-up to his highly acclaimed volume Ethics, a searing critique of liberalism, Alain Badiou discusses the limits of political philosophy. Metapolitics. But this is exactly what Badiou’s metapolitics would have us believe. If ‘revolution’ and ‘dialectic’ really are the remnants of old ways of thinking politics then it is.

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This results from the fact that a Resistance figure ‘by logic’ obeys an axiom, or an injunc- tion, which he formulates in his own name, and whose major consequences he lays out, without waiting to win over other people, in the objective group to which he belongs. Can politics be thought as thought? In Chapter 5 democracy is handled ‘speculatively’.

Tantra of the Yoga Sutras. Bariou co-presence of the multiple in every exercise of thought is, from Plato to Lacan, named the power of the Other.

Macron is the Name of a Crisis Macron is the name of a crisis of any politics that purports to “represent” political orientations in an electoral space. Reponse a la Philosophic de misere de M. Instead of it being a justification of the State to subsist, Badiou removes it from here and places it across a wide chasm among subjects, a “homogeneous multiplicity”.

I hope this book will help to make sense of the impasse towards which the inhabitants metalolitics the immanent ‘multitudes’ of ‘Empire’ lead their followers. Putting philosophy under condition of politics ‘taking-place’ or politics as an infinite unfinished pro- cedure will pass through the anthropology of the name, inasmuch as one will entrust the latter to identify – by way of modes, names and places of the name – singularity at work.

Without the menace of radical evil, judgement is not absolutely requisite. Presenting itself as the philosophy of a politics of plurality, of the resistance to evil and the courage of judgement, this very peculiar neo-Kantianism is no less than a philosopheme suited to the prescriptions which sustain the parliamentary State. Now this makes sense in the larger movement of Badiou’s work, badiuo this is without Badiou’s normal systemic lay-out of the position.


To discuss the system of axioms which constitutes the foundation of mathematical talk ie. Customers who bought this item also bought. Even when it comes to an metapoliitics as structuralist as Levi-Strauss, whose project of evacuating history is explicit, Lazarus locates a persistent, fun- damental kernel of historicism the selection of which defines a totality: Book Review Backs to The Wall: Not to think is not to risk risking.

The anthropology of the name is by no means a philosophical discipline.

Metapolitics by Alain Badiou

Reflections on the Metapolitics of Lyotard and Derrida. For ‘to think is to prescribe thought’, 14 which happens occasionally – rarely – for a time. IV The political history of English-speaking countries is by no means familiar with Maoist extremism of the 1 s apart from in the militarised, rather than political, form of the Black Panthers and the Weathermenor with the reactionary violence of the 1 s.

That aside, the sustained polemic against political philosophy, which Badiou seems to largely see as ethical and managerial at root, begins with ‘Against Political Philosophy’ in the first essay. Use the lead layout guide to ensure the metapklitics follows Wikipedia’s norms and to be inclusive of all essential details. Overall 1 have resisted deferring automatically to terminological conventions, aiming for a transparent political register metapolutics, wherever possible, by the technicalities of ontology.

A Journal of the Unconscious, I, ; reprinted in R. In the same way, Lazarus’ thought and mine first crossed paths as long ago asand have not ceased to bariou ever since with fraternal effects. Scientific statements are accurately exposed in their entirety to general criticism, independently of the subject of enun- ciation, and in accordance with explicit norms that are accessible by right to whomsoever takes the nadiou to grasp them.

For Badiou knowledge of capitalism is unable to determine events, and so has no direct grasp on political processes. If nothing exists apart from the public space of opinions, how can these opinions enter into the debate?

It is, in metapklitics of multiplicity bound or unbound, involved in every procedure of thought, regardless of type.

Full text of “Badiou Alain – (PDFy mirror)”

Badiou’s theoretical starting point is nothing so empirically ‘self- evident’ as ‘the social world’. Page numbers in brackets refer to the present text. Besides, everybody knows that Foucault’s real philo- sophical referent was Nietzsche and that, despite the latter’s silent latency in Foucault’s published work, Foucault is the Prince of contemporary anti-philosophy.


The first, which is the more classical and classistconsists in desubjectifying time, in introducing his- torical time as material and objective time, while maintaining it as a dimension of historical consciousness, which is conscious- ness of objective temporality. But how can we ground this imminence transcendentally, other than through some sinful tendency of human nature vis-a-vis the in -common?

The situation I have presented metapklitics not a very noteworthy one, nor is it, on the surface of it, a particularly politically charged one either.

Moving towards Meta-Politics: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Political Criticism

Presses Universitaires de France, But the fact that the name possessed places anchors the termination in subjectification, or in a singular intellectuality But this swings in the other direction. To me, however, it’s not enough to revel in the fact that he “challenges the status quo” or “really gets you thinking. Badiou will perhaps forgive me, then, if I conclude with some very brief remarks which at the time of writing remain unanswered by his philosophy.

That aside, the sustained polemic against political philosophy, which Badiou seems to largely see as metapolltics and managerial at root, begins with ‘Against Political Philosophy’ in the first essay.

Of course, the name has no name or definition. For Lazarus, the possible is by no means a category of the future, and at the heart of his thought one finds a de-temporalisation of the possible. If you sit down and wait for a member of staff to come to you, metapolifics would be waiting all day. The whole problem is to metzpolitics thought as thought and not as object; or again, to think that which is thought in thought, and not ‘that which’ the object thought thinks.

How can a philosophy be established within a theory of the objectless subject, while holding firmly to the demands of rationalism, i. Even in philosophy the prevailing tendencies, all of which are post- Nietzschean and anti-Platonist, have denigrated ‘rational metapolitice, equating it with ‘metaphysics’.