Ashab e Kahf they were Allah’s Wali, They were sleep nearly years. In that period they were breathing. but they did not know how much. Read Full STory about Ashab e kahf in e kahf is a real Qissa ghar walo can Read many article here about islam. In Christian and Muslim tradition, the Seven Sleepers (Arabic: اصحاب الکهف , translit. aṣḥāb al kahf, lit. ‘People of the Cave’) is the story of a group of youths who.

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The story rapidly attained a wide diffusion throughout Christendom, popularized in the West by Gregory of Tours, in his late 6th-century collection of miracles, De gloria martyrum Glory of the Martyrs. As the earliest versions of the legend ursu from Ephesus, an early Christian catacomb came to be associated with it, attracting scores of pilgrims.

The Quranic story doesn’t state the exact number of sleepers, also gives the number of years that they slept as solar years equivalent to lunar years.

Ashab-e-Kahf in Urdu P1

When they woke up they thought that they had slept for only a day or so, and they sent one of them back to the city to buy food. People and things in the Quran.

Soon after their discovery, the People of the Cave as the Qur’an calls them died and the people of their town buried jn in the cave and built a place of worship there. He opened it and found the sleepers inside. It is doubt of that which is said that they slept ccclxii.

It was retold by Symeon the Metaphrast.

It is in doubt of that which is stoty that they slept three hundred and sixty-two years, for they were raised the year of our Lord four hundred and seventy-eight, and Decius reigned but one year and three months, and adhab was ahab the year of our Lord two hundred and seventy, and so they slept but two hundred and eight years.


Tradition, Transmission, and Transformation: Islamic scholars, however, assert that the or years mentioned in the Qur’an refers kaht periods of time alleged by those telling the tale, rather than a statement made by God as to how long they were actually in the cave. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

It also might have an influence on the stpry of the ” king in the mountain “. Surah Waqiah is 56th chapter of Holy Quran. Little is heard of the Seven Sleepers during the Enlightenmentbut the account revived with the coming of Romanticism.

In Islam, these youths are referred to as the People of the Cave. The story parallels the famous Christian version, recounting the story of a group of young believers ugdu resisted the pressure to worship others beside God, and took refuge in a cave, following which they fell asleep for a long time.

There are various android secret codes which can be used for easy functioning. In the beginning they were free. They asked him about young men who disappeared in the past, about a man who travelled the earth from east to west, and about the soul.

When they come out they eat snakes, scorpions, horses, mules, donkeys, vegetables and wild animals.

Ashab-e-Kahf (read in Urdu) – Best Right Way

Zulqarnain said, I dont need paying, but what I would like is that you can help me by bringing me pieces of iron, wood and coal. The Persian—Dutch writer Kader Abdolah gives his own interpretation of the Islamic version of the story see below in the book Spijkerschrift[11] based on the writer’s experience in the left-wing opposition to both the Shah ‘s regime and the Islamic Republic.

Like our FB Page. They were given some time to recant their faith, but they refused to bow to Roman idols. Wells ‘s The Sleeper Awakes.


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Retrieved from ” https: Remember when the young men fled for refuge from their disbelieving folk to the Cave, they said: Archived from the original on 6 January His use of old silver coins revealed the presence of these youths to the town. They awoke, imagining that they had slept but one day, and sent one of their number to Ephesus to buy food, with instructions to be careful lest the pagans recognize and seize him. The bishop was summoned to interview the sleepers; they told him their miracle story, and died praising God.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Turkish author Orhan Pamuk alludes to the story, more specifically through the element of the dog, in the chapter “I am a Dog” in his novel, My Name Is Red. Muslims firmly believe in the story as it is mentioned in the Qur’an; however the location of the cave is not mentioned.

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The Emperor, seeing that their attitude towards paganism had not improved, ordered the mouth of the cave to be sealed. We should read this Yajoj Majoj information and also avoid from the sins.

We will give you anything if you build a wall between the Yajooj Majooj and us so that they wont harm us. Archived from the original on 5 May King Zulqarnian imprisoned xshab behind a wall.

Read and search the Holy Quran in a variety of Translations and Interpretation. The Martyrology of Oengus the Culdee: Al Quran with Tafseer Explanation.