When TEMPO MODE is set to MANUAL, this field allows you to set the tempo. .. Owners of the Akai EWI wind synthesiser will find this function. Documents, presets, manuals Akai S – Audiofanzine. I recently got one of these and didnt receive a paper manual, so found this and thought I’d share it with other Akai users. Hope it helps someone.

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However, there may only be a handful of programs you need to change within a multi using MIDI program change.

Documents, presets, manuals Akai S – Audiofanzine

This uses a single short delay line to produce certain phase shifter effects. Please consult your dealer or AKAI professional distributor for details of compatible drives. By saving to FlashROM, your sampler will boot with your mabual every time. Furthermore, you can modulate the frequencies of either of the two mid range sections to create auto-wah effects such as you find on a wah-wah pedal. Some are unique to samplers whilst others are common to all sound modules. You will see the following LCD screen as it boots up: Timestretch allows you to alter the length of a sample, shortening it or lengthening it, without changing its pitch.

Aoai in the linear display above, there is no indication of the maunal level reverb between each beat – however, you do see the beats more clearly defined.

Page 6 If the warranty is valid, AKAI professional will, without charge for parts or labor, either repair or replace the defective part s. For example, you may just wish to load only the programs and samples from a folder in which case, you could disable the loading of multis by pressing F6.

This page sets parameters that affect the final output level and pan position of the program. Setting a positive value here will result in heavy keystrikes making the attack time faster and light keystrokes making the attack time slower. Filters are not very aggressive or spectacular however with resonancea6000 you get many types to choose 26 types. Table of contents Table Of Contents Page On the S we have four velocity zones that allow us to use playing technique to switch between these different samples so that you could, for example, use velocity to switch between a slow legato viola and an aggressively bowed viola.


Any standard PC WAV file can be loaded directly for instant playback from any PC formatted hard drive attached to the S or S – including downloaded samples available on the Internet.

Effects – 3-band digital off-line EQ with variable gain. The QUICKLOAD screen is much like the normal load page except that, because you cannot load samples or multis into a part, you only see the programs in the nanual folder. If the warranty is valid, AKAI professional will, without charge for parts or labor, either repair or replace the defective part s.

Whilst you can load data from an S, S, S, S or XL series hard disk, it is not possible to save data to these or other Akai formatted disks. Quicksave programs or as little as one and each multi may contain a different combination of programs. Press any of the mode keys to continue.

Other Media Files : Akai S6000

Switching The S On Pressing this pulls down a menu of further options: High values produce a long attack time several seconds. The longer the crossfade, the more the second sample is akxi back into the first.

I also got a Wkai Typically, this will be used to set the speed of the slow rotary speaker effect but it may be used as the fast rotary speaker effect if you wish. So, instead of sitting there Notes Regarding Save However, when using the S in this way, certain parts may be set to the same MIDI channel so that some ,anual will be layered for example, in the above screen shot, Parts 10 and 11 both akak SLAP BASS 1, presumably akau for a rich, chorus bass sound whilst other parts just play single programs.


Good midi implementation, two lfos with many different waves. First, we need to select Part 7: Sampler users require no less and so the DD timestretch process has been ported directly into the S to offer high quality, phase coherent stereo processing as well as a range of easy to use presets for setting the timestretch parameters. It is not possible to set the partition size or name the disk or partitions in this version of software. In the above example, you would go straight to LFO2: Pressing this pops-up this prompt: Timestretch Timestretch allows you to alter the length of a sample, shortening it or lengthening it, manul changing its pitch.

This is normal and is not a fault with the S You will receive this prompt: If you do this, you will, of course, receive a prompt warning you of this. Switching The S On this is good practice when turning the S off as well.

Page The disk is now ready for use. WAV files as the native sample format. If, however, the sampler is playing back virtual samples at the same alai as recording you may experience problems if the disk bandwidth is exceeded.

If the sample in the selected zone is stereo, this parameter works as a balance control. F4 and F5 allow you to set If you plan to install a drive here, this should be done by an Akai approved engineer. Creating copying Keygroups