Introduction. MAGICAR MA is a safety device with highest level of security. Thanks to a 2-way remote with pager you will be immediately informed about. I’m about to install a Magicar RF2W alarm and the manual is in Korean. I think I should be able to get most of it by the pictures but does anyone. The model name, RF2WN, stands for 2 Way FM 4 Button Remote. MAGICAR COLOR LCD. The remote-pager comes with Magicar which is a unique color LCD.

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Display if your car is lock or unlcok Displays remaining battery life.


EC21 in Korean Chinese. The remote will make beeping sounds, Beep, Beep. These Aux functions will require extra installation fees.

The step 2 has to be completed within 15 seconds. Other products from this supplier.

Magicar 902 Two Way Car Alarm System

You may be changed for repair if the damage is resulted from the Act of God, abuse or improper care of the product. S is a feature that allows an individual to page the owner of a vehicle by simply tapping the R.


This vibration is detected and your remote-pager will ring four times and a telephone icon will appear on the LCD indicating that someone is paging you from your vehicle.

Indicates if Passive Arming Mode is on or off. Time setting is off. The interval between the knocks should be less than 1. Theft — one beep every 2 seconds ; Shock Sensing — one beep every 4 seconds ; R. Inside Temperature of rf2sn vehicle. Passive locking means the door will lock when the system is passively armed. There are four different types of magica Consult your installer that are used to operate a sunroof, a mirror or any other auto accessories. Therefore, please use relays if you connect these outputs to equipment mqgicar uses more than mA.

Auto icon will be turned on. If the vehicle starts in any other position, it is very dangerous to choose the Automatic transmission mode.

Magicar M902F User Manual

Indicates that Shock sensor is turned on or off. The red LED will flash rapidly. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Under rr2wn mode, engine continues running or 2 minutes after key has been taken out from the ignition. Icon flashes for longer range. There are differing icons that will magicae on your Magicar LCD indicating what your vehicle is currently doing. Reporting Door Opening If the red LED flashes a wrong number, go back to the step 1.


Youngshin shall not be responsible for any Damages or consequences resulting from failure to choose the manual Transmission mode for these vehicles. Select between and Note: The siren chirps and the parking lights flash once to confirm the lock and arming.

The remote-pager comes with Magicar which is a unique color LCD display that visually tells the vehicle owner the security status of your car at all times.

The installation of this mode is available only if your vehicle has a trunk actuator. If your remote-pager has a problem starting the vehicle, Magicar will try 2 additional times.

Remainder of the engine running time. In Noise Sensing mode, it is happened that some lamps on fascia board of vehicles are turned on for 3 seconds. However, it is a regular Reservation process.