afr-ita:DGA, , Dizionario generale Afrikaans, Dizionario .. arl-spa:Pozzo, , Diccionario Freelang Arabela-Español, Alain Pozzo di Borgo; Rolland Rich . gratis – Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles. In other languages: French | Portuguese | Italiano | German | Dutch | Swedish | Polish | Romanian | Czech. ·Diccionario zoque de Copainalá: Bilingual zoque-Spanish dictionary, scanned . ·Jonsay online language dictionaries: English translated into Spanish, Italian, .

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WEDT contains 50, headwords, and very precisely defined and hyperlinked synonyms. Webb; S Clifton; B.


Glossari di Ispanistica Proyecto dirigido por P. Comprehensive dictionary of Business and Finance terms.

Free online translation with 80 different languages. Guide for Translation into the Language, Chinyanji. The aim of centre is to carry out research into dictionary theory in a wider sense and it has built a solid, international reputation in that field.

PT – MultiWordnet of Portuguese is a lexical semantic network for the Portuguese language shaped under the ontological model of wordnets. Le Vocabulaire Breton du Catholicon The open source also contains four online dictionaries, each in two parts: Monolingual Portuguese online dictionary. An interactive multilingual dictionary which covers a variety of languages from Europe, the Middle East, as well as American English.


It is based on crowdsourcing approach. For English language version please visit: An attempt to present as many online dictionaries as possible, representing over different languages. Includes a dictionary database and parallel corpora with a relevance-based search feature. Records of military organizations include the official URLs as far as available.

Linguist List | Web Resource Listings

Online dictionary and free browser tools. For Netscape, IE, Palm, cell phones.

The dictionaries in 12 languages include thousands of colloquial expressions as well as very specific terms and words. Diccionarios de autores peruanos, por L.

This site is built with the latest web interactive technology to give a desktop-like user experience on a wide variety of words in an English-Chinese dictionary collection. Diccionario Espasa de medicina. Requires login and password, but is a free resource offering highly detailed lexical and grammatical information in German and Italian.

Online version of the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic dictionary of A. Polish English on-line Financial Dictionary.

Visor de obras.

Number of word is gradually growing. Although the website is available, some pages may not be updated during that time. Diccionario de galicismosde R.

It’s possible to search in the two languages. Una raccolta di termini, definizioni e abbreviazioni relative all’arte della manifattura del sapone. Japanese Ukrainian Online Dictionary at the moment consists of 20, words. Diccionario ktaliano normatividad ambiental. Japanese-English dictionary containing Romanji and practical examples of how to use each word. Comprehensive Konkani English Dictionary, word lists, proverbs, idioms, metaphors etc.


On this diccoonario you will find several translation tools on one page for translating words, text and websites.

itqliano A large listing of dictionary resources, representing over 80 languages of the world. Free online dictionary of English definitions. Public can freely contribute. A vocabulary and dicxionario of grammar of the Nitlakapamuk or Thompson tongue together with a phonetic Chinook dictionary. Interactive English – Spanish – Norwegian online dictionary. Kathryn Josserand; Nicholas A. High quality international dictionary and language tools.

Diccionario de derecho social. Diccionario de plantas medicinales. My Hebrew Dictionary is an online resource containing groups of English words translated into Hebrew. The database of the Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language is now available online. The hill tracts of Chittagong and the dwellers therein; with comparative vocabularies of dicvionario hill dialects. A new, online dictionary, where you can find single-word translations in more than 40 languages.

This permits constant upgrading of the database and simple uploading to the web.