The elves of Athas are forged in the endless desert-burned dark by the sun, toughened by the swirling sands, and given strength and swiftness. Athas’s elves stand tall and lean, with long limbs and fearsome faces. The elves of Athas are forged in the endless desert-burned dark by the sun, toughened. Sun-baked, wind-carved features dominate the chiseled elven faces. elements of the deserts, elves are forced to clad themselves in dark.

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Elf (Athas)

Retrieved May 31, An overview of the tribe starts each entry. Elven tribes make a living either through herding, raiding or trading; most tribes have at one time or another plied their hand at all three of these occupations.

Retrieved August 27, Elves are excellent merchants, though they have no concept of fair trade practices. When hunting and fighting, elves prefer long, slender weapons such as long swords and pole dakr. The 4th edition Dark Sun books greatly change the setting, and the 4th edition races were added as well, including Tieflings, Dragonborn, and Eladrin.

The word does not exist in the Elven language. Psionics are an important part of the setting. Tithian uses the Dark Lens to free Rajaat, believing he will be transformed into a sorcerer-king as a reward. In addition, they had several abilities eves to traders, including the cultivation of extensive networks of useful contacts. He taught preserving magic to the public but secretly selected students elvfs a potential for both psionics and magic for a darker purpose.


Thought most elves provide for themselves and their tribe through herding, all elves have a propensity for raiding.

Elf (Athas) (Monstrous Manual)

Elven raiders claim lands crossed by trade routes. Shadowfellknown as the Gray on Athas, acts as a barrier between Athas and the other planes. To do so is dishonorable. Elves are Humanoids with the elf subtype.

Elves are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size. Dark Sun Campaign Setting: The struggles would have continued to completion had the Champions not discovered that Rajaat’s true plans did not include their survival. The sun changed from blue to yellow.

The Burnt World of Athas

Plus, you get a day free trial, so there’s nothing to lose. Pterrans have a shamanistic culture and believe sn to be the planet’s chosen children. The sorcerer-king Kalak is dead and Tyr is a free city-state but the future of Athas beyond that is up to the players.

Elves run swiftly and with great endurance.

elvex Naturally Psionic Elves receive Wild Talent as a bonus feat at 1st level. Elves have an intense tribal unity that does not extend beyond their own tribe. As rain falls only once per decade in some areas, water is more precious than gold.

Elf | Dark Sun 5E | Obsidian Portal

The halflings’ civilization came to an end and most of them withdrew from the world and spiraled into savagery.

Elves are also exceptionally fleet of foot. Along with the elan aathas were introduced in the setting brief in Dragon magazine, [10] brought to Athas as soldiers by the sorcerer-king Andropinus when he returned from the Outer Planes.


Elves treat the naming of young runners as a sacred responsibility, naming the children of the tribe after the first interesting thing that they do while learning to run.

With considerable effort, outsiders can gain acceptance by an individual or an entire tribe, but only through extensive service, sacrifice, and bravery. Retrieved June 9, Elves that learn other tongues often hide their ability.

Elves often hoard keepsakes from a memorable raids; some quilt pieces of stolen clothing into their cloaks. They are slender, lean, long- limbed, and usually in excellent physical condition. Elves mature at the same rate as humans, and are considered adults around the age of Most elven weapons inflict 1d6 points of damage, though the type of materials used in construction have some effect on the damage.

Novels and source books largely take place in Tyr Region, though other areas are described for play. Vark elves make a respectable living as herders, but a few choose the lucrative profession of merchant or the more dangerous raiding and thieving.

Other long swords and long bows, regardless if they are forged by elves in other tribes or by the finest smiths in Tyr, do not receive the bonus.

Elves have lightning reflexes, making them dangerous opponents in battle.